Year: 2020

Recent Data on the Effect of Heat and Sunlight on COVID 19

Just this week, William Bryan of the Science and Technology Division of the Department of Homeland Security presented results on the effect of heat and sunlight on COVID 19. The results show that higher temperatures, higher humidity, and especially sunlight dramatically reduce the time that the virus can survive either on surfaces or in the …

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Protecting ourselves from coronavirus

Beyond handwashing, surface cleaning, and social distancing I’ve been browsing the internet looking for some additional things that one might do to minimize the chance of contracting COVID 19 or to take care of the illness if infected.  As with any current topic, the internet is loaded with fact and fiction.  After spending considerable time sorting through …

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Creating E-Books

Some sources of information on making e-books It is becoming easier to put together e-books for kindle or other readers or they may be printed on demand in hardcover or softcover for personal or commercial use (such as for sale on Amazon, Blurb, or other sites). Below are some sources of information on how to …

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Vitamins D and K

Studies on the importance of vitamins D and K Vitamin D: Discovery History and Importance Links to articles about Vitamin D. Wikipedia Vitamin K Wikipedia Vitamin K