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Springtime in Texas

Web design

A novice's adventure in web design.

The WordPress page builder plugin ELEMENTOR has proven to be a very useful tool for building and editing pages.


First Post: Getting Started with blogging/web design


Vitamin D levels may impact coronavirus mortality rates.

For story about Vitamin D and COVID 19, click here.

Recent data from the Science and Technology Division of the Department of Homeland Security, click here.

Coronavirus: Beyond hand washing, cleaning and social distancing.

Recent advances in the treatment of COVID-19 and preventive measures to consider.  For more information click here.


Creating E-Books

This post has information on how to create ebooks either to share memories or to sell online.

A novice's adventures in learning web design

Importance of Vitamins D and K

Discoveries on the importance of vitamins D3 and K7 in maintaining good health are fairly recent.  For more information click here.

Now, there are various tools for making E-books.  These books  make nice albums of family memories for personal use, they may be a way to self publish your writing, or they may have commercial uses such as brochures, product manuals, training guides, etc. This post gives some information on how to go about creating E-Books.

Camp Mabry, Austin, TX

Walking the dog in spring

Flying shoe

Leaves on snow in Northern Illinois